The Girl Who Wouldn’t Speak

My parents said of me, that I was a very outgoing, chatty little girl. (This must have been before the world came crashing in.) They remember taking me -- with my brother's in tow -- to a theme park, where I went from picnic table to picnic table, talking to all the fine folks. But [...]


Because He Lives

Religion was just so unusual to me. And Christians spoke their own language. People who said “Jesus loves you." made me want to run the other way.  Who was this Jesus anyways? When I became a Christian you would have thought I must have had it all figured out.  But nothing could have been further [...]

Why Asking Jesus in Your Heart Isn’t Enough to Save You

I want this one on my page. Lots of important info there!

Beckie LIndsey

heart-rock in hands (1)

At twelve-years-old, I distinctly remember a friend of a friend named Sally telling me that if I didn’t ask Jesus in my heart that I would go to hell when I died. This shocking and frightening statement haunted me for days since although not regular church attenders, my parents taught me that people go to heaven when they die. I never thought otherwise until that day.

Shortly after the encounter (by the grace of God, I’m sure), my parents decided we would begin attending church. When the pastor gave an old-fashioned altar call, I couldn’t get my young behind down there fast enough. In my mind, it was a matter of life and death or more specifically, heaven and hell.

That day, I asked Jesus into my heart and was baptized in an ice-cold baptismal. The pastor had asked me if I wanted to wait until the next week when…

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On Being Small

Small is something I've known well. Standing at 5' 2", (Give or take a few quarters of an inch.) I've known small on a professional scale. Add to that, my quiet disposition, (At least verbally.) and small doesn't begin to cover it. Since I decided to revive my blog, suddenly I am feeling tiny. (Yeah, [...]